The safety of our employees, customers, and neighbors is our highest priority




Crude oil comes from the earth, Tierra is Spanish for earth, and so the Tierra Companies were created. Like our simple name, we have a similarly straight-forward goal: deliver crude, deliver value.


We aim to be the leading transportation and logistics company in Central Texas through our three business units.  And we understand that our customers are our most valuable business asset. Here’s our promise to you.


•       Deliver crude, while also delivering honesty, value and integrity every day.


•       Be creative in problem solving. Think outside of the box.


•       Constantly improve ourselves and our company.


•       Do whatever it takes to get the job done right.


•       And most important: Work hard, work smart, work safe.





The safety of our employees, customers, and neighbors is our highest priority as a company. Our systems are designed to ensure that no one gets hurt at our facilities, and we believe that no project is worth doing if it cannot be done safely.


All assets must be operated in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. We make it every employee’s responsibility to conduct business with this commitment in mind, and it is management’s responsibility to provide the resources, equipment, training, and tools to ensure we exceed standards.


Our safety and environment program covers three main areas:


Environmental: Tierra is committed to be in compliance with all laws and regulations affecting our business activities. We have the right team in place to achieve excellence in environmental performance, including legal counsel that ensure our policies and procedures comply with new and existing regulations.


Health: Tierra is committed to ensuring the health of the public and our employees.


Safety and Security: Tierra is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for the public and our employees.